How is the price of cryptocurrencies plummeted?

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How is the price of cryptocurrencies plummeted?

Postautor: joyceliu » piątek, 18 maja 2018, 07:26

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market is popular, many people are very optimistic about it, and its trend is not much different from people's wishes. But the price of some coins is falling every day, or just a little bit rise. And the price fell again rapidly. In my opinion, they are "cryptocurrencies in trush", although this is a incorrect word. This is a fact. I can't fool myself.

Like bitbase and BestChain, especially BestChain. From April 5th last year (the best to usd was 0.407452), it dropped almost to a straight line and fell to the lowest level. It has been plunging for almost a year. And the BEST price today: best to usd is 0.003177, a decrease of 5.14% compared to the previous cycle.

Now let's talk about bitbase, today’s data shows: “Bitbase (CURRENCY:BTBc) fell 30.7% against the U.S. dollar within 24 hours before 9am. It can now be traded on the major cryptocurrency exchange at approximately $0.0011 or buying a Bitbase coin at the 0.00000102 BTC..Bitbase fell 12.7% against the U.S. dollar over the past seven days. Bitbase has a market value of $0.00 and Bitbase worth $12 was traded on the exchange within the past 24 hours."

There are still a lot of coins like BEST and BTBc. But how can we increase the value of these cryptocurrencies? It is a question worth pondering. I think the application is an important factor for the value of a cryptocurrency. If these currencies can find application scenarios and partners that suit them, they will speed up the circulation of cryptocurrencies. Maybe at that time, these cryptocurrencies will present a new one. What do you think?

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