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Ciekawy projekt - potrzebni programiści / zespół

: środa, 9 sierpnia 2017, 14:49
autor: gaston909
Hello all, unfortunately my Polish is terrible.

So let's try this in English.

I am looking for programmers - back/front end, blockchain, system/server admin and security people.

I want to assemble a team, preferably with a common goal as I have always achieved much more working together than alone.

I would rather spend the money for this project on marketing etc than development simply to increase its success but of course I will do what is required financially to get things moving as quickly as possible in the right direction.

I am now based in Krakow, so in and around this area would be ideal but working remotely is also an option.

The projects aims are primarily to help those in need, and also raise bitcoin awareness in the greater community. I have plenty of other project ideas as well that I would love to discuss with some keen programmers.

Just reaching out to see if there is much interest .