Moon Bot - Bot-terminal for trade on Bitrex and Binance

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Moon Bot - Bot-terminal for trade on Bitrex and Binance

Postautor: TraderBot202 » środa, 11 lipca 2018, 09:57

Moon Bot - Bot terminal for pampas, signal trading, strategy implementation with pending orders, manual scalping trading on any pair of BTC-XXX. So far, x64 is a portable application for Windows.

Works on Bittrex and now also on Binance!

Download the free version: ... ds/BTB.exe

The main task of the bot is to buy a coin as quickly as possible, sell it with profit, and at the same time refrain from buying a coin, the chance of profit from which is low.

For this, the bot has:

1. Automatic reading of messages from Telegram
2. Auto-determination of the coin on the text in the clipboard
3. Analysis of coins in automatic mode for their "pamp quality"
4. Weight settings: under what conditions to buy or not to buy a coin, set relative prices for purchase / sale, etc..
5. Auto detection of the beginning of the pampa
6. Tools for manual trading: rapid reordering of orders with a mouse, visual distribution of volumes in a glass in real time, a graph of a coin with a resolution of 1 second and displaying all executed orders (foreign orders including)
7. Functions Stop Loss, Trailing Stop

In the bot there is an algorithm for detecting the beginning of the pump, but it is far from perfect, therefore the current version is most effective in conjunction with the channel (in the Telegram for example), in which the pampas are declared.

The approximate scheme of work: the bot reads the pre-defined channels of Telegram. As soon as the signal comes, Bot decides whether to buy, if so, immediately buys and immediately puts it on sale. Another option is to use fast trading in manual mode (scalping).

IMPORTANT! The boat is not intended for trading in a fully automatic mode. It is intended only for automating routine activities, which gives a gain in time.

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