Simple Exmo Bot - Free Bot for EXMO Exchange

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Simple Exmo Bot - Free Bot for EXMO Exchange

Postautor: Abadogger » poniedziałek, 15 lipca 2019, 13:13

In this article, we will look at a free trading bot for the EXMO exchange, configure it and launch it for trading on this exchange. The bot is free and works with any cryptopara on the EXMO exchange.
This bot is an analogue of such a well-proven bot as Yobit Bot and its modifications for the Yobit exchange. A distinctive feature of the bot is - simplicity. an intuitive interface, the ability to trade not all deposits, but only a part of it, it is also possible to launch 7 - 10 copies of the bot at the same time, that is, almost all crypto pairs that are on the EXMO exchange. The bot trades automatically without your participation 24 hours a day and brings you profit. The most important thing is not to be greedy and set values ​​for purchase and for sale not exorbitant ....

Attention! For the normal operation of the bot.
Min a deposit on cryptocurrency pairs with rubles must be at least 1,450 rubles (you have an exchange account)
Min deposit on cryptocurrency pairs with BTC must be at least 0.00250000 sat (You have on the exchange wallet)
P.S can of course be less, but it's better not to risk it.
I also recommend that you set the parameters for trading is not particularly high "Do not be greedy!" and you will have good luck and a steady daily income.

For more detail and step by step on all the settings and description of the bot, you can see in the video that is presented below. All questions about the settings of the bot, you can ask in the comments to this article. I will answer you with pleasure.
Good luck to you trade and good profit!
Download:Simple Exmo Bot

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