HASHSTREM - Remote control of CPU miners

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HASHSTREM - Remote control of CPU miners

Postautor: GGtoller » poniedziałek, 15 lipca 2019, 08:10

This is a professional tool that provides complete control and automation of the cryptocurrency mining process using the power of servers and workstations running under Windows.

You can easily update miners on your workstations, change keys and control their work. The panel displays all the necessary data on the performance of the equipment: the schedule for the day, the number of sent ball, complexity, and so on ...

HASHSTREM provides remote interaction with the operating system, providing you with access to files and running OS processes. There is a wide range of functions for searching for other miners in the system and eliminating them.
Our product has extensive technical documentation and a huge community in which you can chat with other HASHSTREM users. They will help you set up the software and answer all your questions. The support employee is always present in the chat!

NEW! Now you can deploy a standalone server on your VDS. In this mode, data is transmitted directly from your client modules to the HASHSTREM control panel without passing traffic through our servers.

-Static IP address (in ontime mode) - not required
-Static IP address (in personal point mode) - required

-Display hashrate of each station (supported only by xmrig miner)
- The thought-over system of protection against theft of the HASHSTREM account
-Invisible mode, the client part is made as a service
- Restoration of the client and the miner when rebooting the PC
-Automatic selection of CPU bit when installing the miner
-Ability to download miners directly from the github
- Restoration of the miner when closing not from the panel
-Choosing CPU load as a percentage
-Ability to install any miner (any algorithm, CPU \ GPU ...)
-The presence of pre-installed miners (Pre-installed miners are taken from open sources and have not been modified. You can embed your miner in the hashstrem panel.
- Built-in convenient wizard for preparing the client-side installation package (It is possible to edit the prepared scripts before compiling manually, if you have the appropriate skills)
-Auto-exchange stations (If you no longer need a station, you can give it to another HS user, increasing your chances of receiving stations in return)
-Ability to transfer stations to other HS users
-Ability to get user stations that for one reason or another no longer use HASHSTREM
-Ability to upload files to a remote station
-Ability to upload files from a remote station
-Ability to run files on a remote machine (including with keys, in the background, on behalf of the system)
- Automatic closing of processes from the list by timer
-Ability to update \ reinstall the client part of the program from the control panel
-Ability to assign comments to stations
-Graphic activity of your client modules for the day, week, month.
-Ability to rename executable files miner \ KM
-Ability to change the installation directory of the miner \ KM
- Full access to the file system of the remote device
-Ability to block \ unblock access to the network to any process
- Blocking the launch of any processes
-Built-in process manager. Allows you to see the load on the CPU of each process in real time
-Managing the firewall of the remote station (blocking processes, hosts, ports. Disabling / enabling / resetting the firewall settings)
-Constant automatic protection of your stations from unwanted processes based on updated personal database (update interval 1 time per day) full list ...

HASHSTREM has a free mode.
You can use the program for free unlimited time with a small online.
Within 7 days after registration, there is no limit on the number of slots.
After 7 days, the panel will switch to a free mode.

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